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Health for Friends serves the medically underserved.  These include the homeless and working poor who cannot afford or are not provided with health insurance benefits, as well as individuals with Medicare or Medicaid (SoonerCare) who cannot find a healthcare provider. Health for Friends is committed to providing access to the preventative care and disease management that is necessary for people to lead productive and healthly lives.


Health for Friends provides routine medical services, urgent care medical services, and health education to the medically underserved of Norman. In November, 2012, Health for Friends opened a second medical clinic, the Women and Children’s Center, at 1124 North Porter.


Health for Friends’ dental clinic provides full dental services including preventive cleanings, extractions, restorative services such as fillings, dentures, bridges, and partials, and oral health education. In November, 2012, Health for Friends will begin accepting children as patients.

Prescription Assistance

Health For Friends helps qualified patients apply for manufacturers’ prescription assistance programs and also administers a Medical Voucher Program (MVP) to help patients living at or below the federal poverty level with the costs of prescriptions.

Social Work

Good health goes beyond physical health. Health for Friends’ social worker helps patients address issues such as depression, homelessness, anxiety, and disease management.